Do you want to impress your friends, family, and neighbors with how well your dog is trained? You need not look any further than your neighborhood PUPS club for a training program that fits your needs. Whether you’re a new puppy parent that needs help with everything or you’re just looking for something fun and educational to do with your dog, PUPS has a trainer and a program for you.

Obedience, Behavior, Tricks, and More!

We really encourage you to be actively involved in your dog’s training, but we do understand you’re your busy schedule won’t always allow for training time. We make a wide variety of training options available to you.

  • Classes include Puppy Kindergarten, Basic Obedience, Intermediate Obedience, Advanced Obedience, Tricks Class, and Canine Good Citizen
  • Private Lessons can be scheduled at your convenience
  • Play and Train is our programmed designed around daycare program. When you drop your dog off for daycare, a trainer will spend 30 minutes training your dog individually
  • Stay and Train is a perfect program if you are going away and your dog is going to be spending the night at PUPS. It is an intensive program that includes socialization as well as formal obedience or behavioral training during your pup’s stay with us

Positive Reinforcement.

Positive Reinforcement is the foundation of the PUPS training philosophy. We will use treats, toys, or even training collars to get the results that your desire. We believe strongly in verbal and physical praise but if a toy or treat is needed to improve your dog’s performance, we’re all for it. We have also standardized our training methodology which has proven to be effective time and time again.

The Training Team.

Our trainers understand that we can train your dog very well but if you are not educated and trained yourself then all our training won’t improve your life one bit. It would be like giving you a finely tuned sports car but not giving you the key. That is why are trainers focus on communicating effectively to our client’s and centering the training program on your goals. No matter the program, every trainer will start out with one simple question to you: “What do you want to achieve with your dog?”

Benefits of Dog Training with PUPS

  • Humane and Effective
  • Positive Reinforcement Philosophy
  • Robust Class Schedule
  • Proven Effective
  • Easy to understand and apply
  • Highly communicative and responsive trainers

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