Pet Sitting

There is no place like home. There are some dogs that just do better in a home environment. Pet sitting is a perfect solution for elderly dogs, dogs with severe separation anxiety, dogs that are not particularly social with other dogs, or multiple pet families with a cat, fish, or other animals. We’ll send daily updates to keep you in contact with your pets.

Tailored to your Pet’s Needs.

Our member services team will take your specific instructions so we are able to keep the same routine for your dog as if you were home. Your dog will get to walk in the same neighborhoods that are accustomed to as well as eat and sleep where they do every day and night. The more we are able to mimic what you do every day, the more comfortable your dog and other pets will be.

Your place or ours.

Daily belly rubs and ear scratches are just part of our daily routine. We’ll change your cat litter, refill the water, feed your pets, administer medications, and even get your mail. But if you feel uncomfortable with someone staying in your home while you are away, then you have the option of having your dog sleepover at our pet sitter’s house.

Benefits to Pet Sitting with PUPS

  • Tailored to your needs
  • Reservations are easy
  • Professional Pet Sitters
  • Open and Frequent Communication

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