Your might be going on a vacation or a business trip! We know that it would be great if you could take your dog but just in case you can’t, PUPS is here when you need us. Better yet, we are going to make sure that every time your dog stays with us that it will be the next best thing to being with you.

We know your Dog.

Your dog will have many friends at PUPS, some of whom they will use as pillows when they sleep! At PUPS, we provide every opportunity for your dog to get the sleep they need with their friends. After all, that’s what they usually enjoy the most. But for those who would prefer separate sleeping quarters, PUPS offers suites that are typically 24 square feet. It’s plenty of room to stretch out and catch some Z’s.

The Routine.

Dogs are creatures of habit so they days and nights at PUPS follow a schedule that is most conducive to their comfort and well-being. All pups are included in the daycare program if they sleepover. We go the extra mile to meet any of your special requests including medication administration. We feed each dog separately or with our premium organic house food. We also confirm all vaccinations are up to date and match your dog’s temperament and disposition with a play group that is fitting just like we do for our dog daycare program.

Benefits of Overnights at PUPS

  • 24 hour supervision
  • Expertly trained staff
  • Veterinarian On-Site or On-Call
  • Socializing and Playing with Friends
  • Ability to handle special concerns/requests

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