Dog Daycare

Like us, dogs are social animals who like to interact with their friends. There is no safer and cleaner place to do that than at PUPS. At PUPS all dogs are separated by size, temperament, and disposition. All of our playgroups are closely monitored by our watchful pet care supervisors to make sure everyone is having fun. You can also rest assured that your dog is playing with dogs that are fully vaccinated. PUPS confirms that every dog that stays and plays with us is fully vaccinated for rabies, distemper, and canine influenza (bordetella). You will have the peace of mind that your dog will get the physical and mental stimulation that he or she needs

Transparency and Communication.

Just like any good caregiver, we will always let you how your dog is doing, good or bad. We know that your trust is earned and we will never take that for granted. We have an open door policy and we build out each store with as much viewing glass as possible. We have a webcam at each location just in case you want to peek in.

The PUPS Family.

We can’t top you but we can be a close second. We get to know our dogs personally. In fact, our associates will likely recall their name before they can recall yours. Their personalities, traits, habits, disposition, and cute little quirks bring smiles to our faces and remind us every day how lucky we are to be entrusted with your dog’s care.

Benefits of Dog Daycare at PUPS

  • Great Exercise
  • Improved Social Skills
  • Playing with Friends
  • A cure for boredom and anxiety
  • Good behavior reinforcement
  • Constant Supervision
  • Something Fun to do instead of chewing on your table!

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