Training Tip – It’s not what you use. It’s how you use it!

Posted: September 17th, 2014

Often times, client’s ask us, “what should I be using to train my dog?” The simple answer is to use whatever is effective as long as it is humane. There is no one method of dog training that is better than another. A great dog trainer always will take a balanced approach to training dogs. At PUPS, under the guidance of The Alex Brooks School of Dog Training (, our method rooted in positive reinforcement even though we don’t use treats to train. We have found that verbal and physical praise coupled with appropriate corrections when necessary yield the best results. That is not to say that we think that treat training your dog is bad or ineffective; it’s just not the way that we do things. We encourage you to do your research, talk to pet training professionals, and choose a trainer and a method that you feel comfortable with best suits your dog’s needs.