About Dan and PUPS

Posted: November 12th, 2014

Dan began his career in pet care unexpectedly in 1999. Inspired by an event that involved his dog, Sydney, Dan set about to establish one of the first premier doggie daycare centers in America. While employed as a Technology Consultant with Accenture Dan placed Sydney with a dog exercising service. Since Dan was working at least 15 hours a day during the week and at times on the weekends as well, the service was responsible for Sydney’s care almost on a daily basis. On July 30th, 1999 Sydney, a 170 pound St. Bernard, was picked up by the service like he was every work day since Dan had enrolled him. That day was one of the hottest in Chicago history with the heat index reaching 114 degrees. Dan had instructed the exercising service that if the temperature was ever over 80 degrees they were only to take him out to relieve himself, and then put him back inside the house where it was cool. For reasons that made no logical or rational sense, the pet handler on that day took Sydney out and exercised him for over 2 hours without any water or access to shelter with cooling. As a result of his neglectful actions and that of the exercising service, Sydney lost his life less than 14 hours later due to complications arising from heat stroke.

Dan was emotionally devastated and could not return to work the next day or even for the remainder of the week. Sydney was a very special dog. He was entrusted to Dan by his closest friend who had to move back to NY from Chicago for a medical residency program. The both loved Sydney very much and over time, Sydney became Dan’s dog too. Dan felt like he had failed his friend and even worse failed Sydney. In the aftermath of the tragic event, Dan emerged inspired and confident of his future. It was going to entail a pet business where pet parents and their dogs could exercise in a clean, fun, and above all, safe environment! The plans for All For Doggies began to take shape and Dan vowed never to have any dog or human experience what he experienced with Sydney.

All For Doggies became a model for pet care across the country. As Dan settled into the great city of Chicago, All For Doggies was frequently imitated as doggie daycare centers just like it started popping up across the country. Dan focused on building and operating the business and learning as much as he could about dog behavior and training. He teamed up with Alex Brooks from the Alex Brooks School of Dog Training. Under the constant tutelage of Alex for two straight years, Dan became a Master Dog Trainer. In 2005, Dan went on to open a chain of stores in NYC called SPOT where he again worked with Alex and became one of the most sought after dog trainers in the city. He has personally trained and/or cared for dogs of celebrities such as Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon, Michelle Williams, Gerard Butler, Bernadette Peters, Lorne Michaels, Kelly Rippa and many more. As a dog trainer, Dan has appeared on Live with Regis and Kelly assisting Mariah Carey show off her dog JJ’s latest tricks. He has also worked with MTV video productions to provide trained dogs for video and photography shoots. SPOT was also recognized as the premier pet business in New York winning industry awards while also gaining notoriety in the region and nationally.

As a business owner, Dan is a leader and innovator and the pet care industry. He and his businesses have appeared in hundreds of publications including newspapers, magazines, and TV that have featured, not only his industry accomplishments, but also his work in the community. At this point in his career and in the industry, there is nothing innovative about PUPS. However, there is 15 years of sound pet care experience behind the business and the knowledge of how to properly take care of dogs. Ultimately, the business boils down to two basic principles: First and foremost, providing the best possible care for the dogs. And secondly, delivering unparalleled customer service to our adoring pet parents. PUPS will embrace each day guided by those principles!